How Banking Brands Can Leverage Interactive Signage In Sports Sponsorships

For over a century, banks in America have been leveraging sports sponsorships as a means to connect with mass audiences and engage with their communities, predating the era of television.

In the early days, stadium walls served as canvases for hand-painted advertisements, while banners adorned the field’s perimeter, capturing the attention of passionate fans.

Fast-forward to 2023 and not much has changed  – even with all the technological advancements in every area of stadium development and marketing, static signage is still the norm.

According to SponsorUnited, Of the 1,600 finance and banking brands that sponsor US major, minor, and collegiate sports, a whopping 80% of in-stadium sponsorships include some form of signage, and a lot of that is static (even if it’s a video screen).

But despite the popularity of in-stadium signage, it fails to convert.

Traditional static signage has significant limitations. It doesn’t engage fans or drive conversions, and its impact is difficult to measure.

With financial services having one of the highest digital advertising cost-per-lead (CPL) metrics of any industry, it’s crucial for banks to focus on strategies with the best ROI.

Enter Interactive Signage.

Unlock the power of interactive signage and revolutionize your sports sponsorship marketing strategy.

Say goodbye to passive signage advertising and hello to dynamic engagement experiences that captivate fans in the stadium.

By harnessing the potential of QR codes, you can effortlessly guide users towards an immersive journey, while generating a flood of qualified emails and valuable leads.

What sets interactive signage apart is its ability to captivate and inspire action? Gone are the days of merely grabbing eyeballs; now, you can measure success based on tangible results.

Imagine having the power to update your creative options with ease, ensuring your message remains fresh and relevant at all times. With interactive signage, you’ll not only capture attention but also turn it into measurable conversions.

It’s not just marketers who are enamored by this revolutionary approach; fans adore it too.

A study conducted by Nielsen Sports revealed that a staggering 70% of sports enthusiasts are more inclined to consider purchasing a product or service associated with their beloved sports team or admired athlete.

As a banking or finance brand, this presents an unprecedented opportunity to utilize interactive signage within your sports sponsorships to generate high-quality leads and skyrocket conversions.

It’s not just about building brand awareness anymore; it’s about driving real, tangible results.

Now, you might be wondering where to begin on your journey to seamlessly integrate interactive signage into your sports sponsorships.

Look no further! Our brand-new eBook is your ultimate guide, brimming with expert insights and actionable tips specifically tailored for banking and finance brands.

Discover how to unleash the full potential of interactive signage, grab the attention of your target audience, and turn them into enthusiastic leads.

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What’s in the E-Book?

  • Benefits of sports sponsorship for banks
  • Banking sponsorship insights and statistics into the effectiveness of interactive signage
  • The problem with static signage
  • Four ways banks can use interactive signage to drive leads
  • Exclusive case studies from banking brands seeing results with interactive signage today

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