Create a new sponsorship asset with a pixel on your sponsored content

Trackability is one of the most IMPORTANT pieces in advertising today (Again, sponsorship in sports and events is advertising).

A big reason why is the other competing options in advertising has trackability engrained in their offerings. This allows advertisers (brands) to see real-time metrics on who visits and gives them the ability to re-target them.

The problem is…many of our sponsorship assets, even some digital ones, don’t have this built-in.

Well, there is a way you can easily add trackability to any asset or sponsorship website online with a simple thing called a Pixel.

This week on the SQWAD Sponsorship Tip Of The Week I take you through how you can easily add a pixel to your sponsored websites to add trackability to your asset.

See the full episode below (including how to add it to your website from Facebook), but I dive in on a few key steps.

First respect your data

Before I dive in here, I want to be totally clear. Consumer Data is something you must respect. Your goal should be to help connect your sponsors to your fans.

You should never retarget with spam. You should never look to deceive your fans with re-targeting.

Overall, respect your fan/user and look to help them connect with your sponsor. Do not misuse it.

What is a Pixel?

A pixel is a line of code that you can inject into the header of your website and tracks who is visiting them.

For example, a Facebook Pixel sees who visits based on their Facebook Profile and logs them in your ads account.

The powerful thing is you then can re-target them with advertising, building a second touchpoint and trackable way to see if they purchased or completed an action.

Each social media platform (Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn) all have pixels as an asset in the ads managers of their business platforms.

This is how big brands get sales. Re-targeting is one of the most powerful tools in advertising today. It works.

Why do I need a pixel?

Well, the main reason is our goal is to give our sponsors multiple opportunities to connect with our fans.

5 years ago, we would rely on attendance to do this. Our signs would do this in-stadium.

Today though, this is not where our attention is, neither is it accessible 24/7.

A pixel gives us the ability to give our sponsors multiple opportunities to reach them after they engage with your content on the device that captures our attention.

A pixel gives you more at-bats.

Where should I add my Pixel?

You should put a pixel on the website where you will get the most traffic. Obviously the more data you have the more valuable it is.

Remember re-targeting is MOST effective when you have already created a great first touchpoint.

In sponsorship, we create a lot of sponsored videos (game recaps, player of the night, etc.). These are the great first touchpoints to begin their journey to connect with your sponsors.

Without a pixel, that is the only touchpoint you can get. You hope it is shared, but it’s only one shot.

With a pixel, we get a few more at-bats with them.

Two places you should place a pixel for sponsorship:

  1. On your sponsorship page. If a fan is looking at your sponsors they might be looking for deals.
  2. Your content pages. Videos, Highlights, etc. that are sponsored. This is, again, the first touchpoint.

Ok so I have the pixel in…what now

You now can re-target those fans with value.

Again remember, you are looking to introduce your sponsor to your fans. If you follow up with spam, there is no value there.

If you follow up with spam, you aren’t adding value.

If you follow up with a chance at free tickets…you are adding value.

Make sure you are following up with value here.

Overall, this brings a new asset to your team and packages

I’ve brought this up before, but the #2 most valued asset in your packages to brands. Your goal should be to build as many digital assets as you can so you can compete with the digital ad platforms that are taking your money from your brands.

Adding a pixel to your sponsored content gives you another digital asset to help your sponsors connect with fans.

Written by Nick Lawson, a co-founder at SQWAD. SQWAD helps sports teams & events connect fans to sponsors digitally during breaks in the action with amazing mobile games & contests.



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