Better Partner Offer & Coupon tracking with the SQWAD Redemption Process

Look, fans like to game the system. If you get them an offer…they will try to get more than you are offering.

The usual solution: The sponsor sends you coupons and redemption codes to add to the offer.

But what if your sponsor’s system isn’t set up for that? Do you take the risk of fans coming back to redeem multiple times…or do you just not offer the prize?

At SQWAD, we think you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a great campaign due to a lack of coupon tracking…so we built a redemption process right into our games to help ensure everyone can get the same value from digital activations.

Say goodbye to the hassle of fans double-dipping on prize redemptions. With the SQWAD Redemption Process, managing prizes has never been easier. See how below!

The Benefits of the SQWAD Redemption Process

So why implement this into your campaign? There are many benefits to utilizing our built-in Redemption Process at your next campaign.

  1. No barcodes or POS system needed
    Your sponsor doesn’t need to have a robust coupon system to reap the rewards of a coupon sent to fans. We’ve taken
  2. It’s easy for the employee to check
    Look, nothing is worse than a complex redemption process that leaves the employee behind the counter wishing their lunch break would come sooner rather than later. We’ve built the system so be only one button click. Easy Peasy.
  3. You can see the number of redemptions to prove value.
    With our SQWAD redemption process, you’ll be able to see how many offers were redeemed in the store. With this number, you can actually prove the value of each campaign with your sponsor.

Ok, so you know the benefits. Let’s dive into the fan experience.

The Fan Experience

At SQWAD, we send prizes to our fans via email. We’ve found that it’s the best way to drive redemption at your sponsor’s

With the SQWAD redemption process, we’ve built the entire process into the email that the fan receives.

We thought it would be easier to see it in action…so check out a full walkthrough of the fan experience HERE!

It’s really simple. When the fan receives an email with their prize, they will be told to show that email on their phone to the employee at your sponsor location.

In the email, we have added a Staff button. When shown to the employee, all they have to do is click that Staff button.

But wait! What happens if a fan accidentally presses the redemption button?!?!

Not a problem. We added a big, kind of scary notification that lets the fan know that this button is only for staff if they accidentally push it. When implemented with fans, we’ve seen next to no issues when adding this pop-up.

Once the Staff gets past the pop-up, they will get two options:

A green screen. This means the offer has not been redeemed yet. Hand over the BOGO discount and watch as fans are elated to receive their prize!

A red screen. This means that the offer has been used already. Most of the time…if a fan is trying to game the system and they are told this has already been redeemed…they will walk away.

And that is it! With the SQWAD redemption process, you can make redeeming offers a breeze for your sponsors and fans.

So how do you turn this on for your activations in your SQWAD admin? Let’s dive in below.

Activating the SQWAD Redemption Process in Your SQWAD Admin 

While in the SQWAD admin, select the “Prizes 🏆” tab in your admin menu sidebar.

Once in the Prize section of the admin, select “Edit” on the prize you’d like to follow the SQWAD Redemption Process

Scroll down until you see the “Sqwad Redemption Process” option and check the box to activate it for that prize âś… .

NOTE: You’ll have the option to edit the button text and button color fans will see in their prize email. If you choose not to customize the button, fans will see the default configurations.

Once you are done with your edits, scroll down and click “Submit”.

And that’s it!

Once you’ve clicked submit, you are ready to roll! Simply add that prize to the next game you create and you’ll see the process show up in the emails that go out.

So what are you waiting for? Want to get started with your redemption process? Give us a shout and we’ll get you all set up.



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