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Upsell sports sponsorship

The Art To Upsell In Sports Sponsorship

The best thing about a full client list is we have customers that have believed the pitch and spent dollars on your assets. It shouldn’t take much to upsell your current sponsorship clients in sports. They get it. They are onboard. Now you’re in year two, and you’re looking to open more revenue from your […]

More relationships touchpoints, less logo touchpoints in sports sponsorship

In sports sponsorship, and really all sponsorship, we get bogged down in assets. It somewhat makes sense…it is the product we sell. Our mindset sometimes shifts to “How many signs can I get sold?”. Many times though, those assets we focus on are heavy in what I’ll call “Logo Touchpoints”. As I have mentioned before, […]

sports promotion stadium photo

What is Sports Promotion?

The power and emotion of sports are powerful tools. Our teams have created fan bases with similar characteristics, and followings that rival some religions. Fans want to be part of something, it is a human need that lives deep in our brains. Sports teams fill that need with the ups and downs of each season. […]

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