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Rethinking Minimum Spend Limits In Sports Sponsorship

Since I started in the sponsorship industry…we’ve always had a minimum spend. I was always told “We need a brand to commit to our value.” or “the smaller deals take too much time.” Both are valid points…but also dangerous ones. Whenever we have blanketed statements about an industry…it creates a situation where someone can undercut […]

Are we headed for a sports BOOM….then BUST?

There are cycles in almost everything in life. Nothing ever grows exponentially forever. This can be seen in nature, our economy, and countless other places in our lives. No bull market lasts forever. No Bear market does either. How you navigate those peaks and valleys comes down to how well you understand the factors that […]

The new era of prospecting in sponsorship comes in your social feeds

One vital thing to understand is brands are still spending dollars in this pandemic. Despite what we may hear from them about budgets being tight or locked, a massive amount of money is being spent on digital ads. So how can you know who is spending and what they care about? It may sound simplistic, […]

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