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How To Manage Sales Pace & Momentum In Sports Sponsorships

We’ve all been there in sales. We have a prospect that we KNEW was a lock. We gave the pitch, asked for the business, and now are waiting on their answer. But the more we wait, the more we lose our sales momentum. When we don’t set the pace, we have deals that turn from…

The Ultimate Guide To QR Codes In Sports Stadiums (Based On Real Testing)

I sound old sometimes and say “Back in my day, we didn’t have QR codes.” when I talk about how QR codes can help drive engagement & conversion in your stadiums. At SQWAD we specialize in crafting digital experiences that help sponsors stand out and engage with fans on game day. Our goal is to…

How Banking Brands Can Leverage Interactive Signage In Sports Sponsorships

For over a century, banks in America have been leveraging sports sponsorships as a means to connect with mass audiences and engage with their communities, predating the era of television. In the early days, stadium walls served as canvases for hand-painted advertisements, while banners adorned the field’s perimeter, capturing the attention of passionate fans. Fast-forward…

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