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The difference between sponsorship and advertising

This is a debate that comes up constantly if you are in the sponsorship industry.  Sports teams will share how sponsorship is more than advertising. They will push the fanatical fans that the brand should want to get in front of and how the environment of their stadium on game day is unbeatable. But I […]

digital advertising in an indoor stadium

Technology and The Future Of Stadium Advertising

Technology is the pinnacle of the advancement and growth of sports. From the first patents of a football to the invention of instant replay, we’ve seen technology catapult sports to be a frenzy of fan entertainment. While most people focus on the technological developments of items on the field or court…some of the biggest developments […]

fans engaging at a sports game

Reap Rewards With Effective Sports Fan Engagement 

We as humans are hard-wired for engagement. We crave the ability to connect, feel, and vibe with others. It is how we become a part of a community. The same applies to the sports fans that walk through our stadium doors each game. We can’t expect the action on the field, court, or ice to […]

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